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How Much Time Should I Give My Partner?

How much time should I spend with my partner? This is a common question for many couples. Have you ever seen a team who looks pretty close, always saying “we” and relying on each other entirely after getting engaged or married?

Have you ever considered how much time partners should spend together in a healthy relationship? But what about the opposite situation?

Is it a problem to need your partner around all the time? And how do you know if you’re spending too much time away from each other? In this article, we will discuss mostly emerging questions in relationships and especially about how much time we should give to our partner. Let’s get started:

Relationship Time Passed

The time you spend with your partner depends on how long you’ve been together. Different couples have different preferences and needs. New and long-term couples have specific ideas about how much time they want to spend together.

New couples often want to spend as much time together as possible. The initial phase of a relationship is important for bonding.

However, as time goes on, you may not spend as much time together as before. This is normal and happens in most long-term relationships.

If you’re in a long-term relationship that has become less fulfilling, it’s not surprising if you feel the need to fix it. Relationships go through cycles and require attention.

1. New Couples

We understand that as a young couple, being loyal is important, but having personal space is also crucial. Don’t give up your friends and interests easily. But what if it doesn’t work out? Instead of being negative, see it as an opportunity.

To avoid losing yourself in a new relationship, it’s important to maintain your sense of self. Giving up everything for your new boyfriend won’t help you with that.

So, how much time should a couple spend together when they’re in love? Texting each other every day is great.

2. Couples Who Are Together For A While

We’re talking about couples who aren’t newlyweds or in long-term relationships. You’re comfortable with all the variations except for the honeymoon phase, where everything is intense.

How often should couples in this category spend time together? Aim for around 3 to 4 times a week if you still want to be together.

It can be hard to find new topics to talk about at this point in the relationship, but spending some time apart can give you things to discuss when you’re back together.

If you live together, you’ll see each other every day. But how much time should you spend together?

3. Lengthy Period Relationships

Let’s think about how much time couples should spend together after being in a relationship for a while. Living together isn’t very common nowadays. If you don’t live together, try to do things together at least five times a week. It doesn’t have to be all day, just spending some time together is important.

However, it’s crucial to maintain a connection to prevent things from becoming strained. If you live together and already spend every day together, with shared responsibilities, aim for one special date night per week.

How Much Time Should I Give My Partner

According To Psychology

John M. Gottman, an American psychologist, breaks these six hours into a few days and several weekly interactions. One of the most essential daily interactions is partings and reunions.

1. Partings

When saying farewell earlier than heading to work, giving your partner at least two minutes daily is crucial. This permits a speedy alternative to saying goodbye, and you can easily keep your partner’s record.

2. Reunions

We should spend 20 minutes daily with each other when reuniting at night. Partners should hug each other for at least six seconds during this period. And also they should have some conversation with each other to release stress from work.

3. Admiration and Appreciation

One of the most essential daily interactions is admiration or appreciation. Psychologists recommend approximately five minutes per day. We should appreciate our partner during this time.

For example, appreciating our partner, we should say, “I need to take a second to express my sincere appreciation for making dinner tonight, darling. I’m reminded of how fortunate I am to have this talented partner in the kitchen.

The flavors and presentation of the meal you prepared were remarkable. Thank you for continually bringing your creativity to our meals.”

4. Physical Affection

One of the most important and last daily interactions is physical affection. Again, John M. Gottman recommends only five minutes a day here. Physical love is significant whether it occurs in an unmarried moment during the day.

From the gentle hug and kiss at reunions to the hand-keeping on the couch and the nice and cozy cuddles earlier than the bed. Those acts form a deep connection and encourage love among companions.

Physical affection is a critical constructing block in strengthening the bond between us and our beloved companions.

It would be best to have an hour weekly meeting to engage and communicate effectively with your partner. The partners can talk and highlight the practical issues at some stage in this particular time.

They are resolving problems and figuring out how to make their partner feel loved in the coming week.

Spending Too Much Time Together Is Unhealthy

There are things you have to do on your own; you are a couple. Also, you have to spend some time alone. Following are some reasons why too much time together is unhealthy:

1. You Were Alone Before The Relationship

You had your own interests, favorite food, things to do, TV shows you liked, and dreams and goals. You made sacrifices in your relationship, but how far should compromise go?

You should never let someone change who you are. It’s important to be true to yourself.

Remember when you felt genuinely happy because of your achievements and hard work? How did that feel? Or a time when you didn’t let anyone else interfere with your goals?

Ask yourself, why did my partner fall in love with me? You were being yourself. And you should continue to be yourself even while in a relationship. Remember that.

2. Space Is Human Need

The word “I need space” is fundamental and essential. It means that you and your partner need time alone for yourselves. Having character time aside is necessary, even though accepting or acknowledging it is challenging.

3. Have Some Fun With Friends

Earlier, you had a million unique friends before your associate came into the picture. Now, who are they? We all know that you only need one person in your life, but you shouldn’t neglect others who have helped you reach where you are today.

Keep in touch with others. While it’s great to have a partner who will support you no matter what, it’s still important to have other people in your life.

Continue talking to your friends and be there for them even when you’re on a date or in a relationship. Your friendship with them should still be valued. Moreover, you still turn to friends when there are problems in your relationship.

How Much Time Should I Give My Partner

Time to Give Your Partner Space

To start, ask your partner to explain what they mean by “space,” as the situation may differ depending on your relationship and other factors in their life.

Make sure to ask any questions you have so that you don’t feel overwhelmed if your partner wants alone time after a meal. For example, ask how you can reach them when they’re ready to talk again and text them in the morning. This way, both of you know what’s expected.

However, if your partner’s request for space seems strange, you don’t have to agree to it. If they later say they want to travel alone for a year, you can put your foot down.

Remember that compromise doesn’t always mean one party giving in to the other’s request, but rather finding a solution that works for everyone.

Space Needed by a Partner If You Live Together

Feeling overwhelmed again? Give your partner some space while still staying together. It’s hard to be alone when you share an apartment, but it’s important for both of you to have time to yourselves.

Try doing some things separately, like going out for coffee in the morning, taking a walk alone, running errands solo, or having a meal with a friend. You could also plan a weekend getaway by yourself or with a friend to recharge and come back refreshed.

Instead of panicking when your partner asks for time apart, have a conversation and find a solution that works for both of you. Talk it out until you find a good way to give your partner space, respect each other’s boundaries, and plan a pleasant date together.

How Much Time Should a Boyfriend and Girlfriend Spend Together?

Coan recommends that couples follow the 70/30 rule for a happy and harmonious relationship. This means spending 70% of their time together and 30% apart. By doing so, both partners have the freedom to pursue their interests while still being committed to their relationship.

How Much Time Should Couples Spend Together in a Week?

McKinney suggests that couples only need two hours per week for their dates. Here are some factors to consider when scheduling those dates with your partner:

  • Respect each other’s preferences.
  • Consider your schedules.
  • Prioritize quality time together.

How Much Time Should Couples Spend Together Daily?

On an average day, couples spend around 2 and a half hours together, including weekends, according to the Office for National Statistics. A third of this time is spent watching TV together. They also spend around 30 minutes eating together and about 24 minutes doing chores together.

How Much Time Should a Couple Spend Together When Living Together?

Couples who live together should spend time together, but not too much, as it can be unhealthy for their relationship. Research suggests that it’s recommended for couples to spend 70% of their time together and 30% apart.

Final Thoughts

It’s good if you and your partner have a long-term relationship that grows with your commitment.

Being yourself sometimes leads to great success. Relationships that start for the wrong reasons often fail, even with lots of effort.

Remember how lucky you are to have found someone you can rely on. It’s important to keep working on strengthening your bond. Don’t worry about what you could have done differently, focus on what you can change to improve the situation.

How Much Time Should I Give My Partner


How important is it to give time in a relationship?

It lets us enjoy hobbies together and have fun while laughing. These reviews help us feel closer and more exclusive in our relationship. Taking time for each other can make a big difference in our dating life.

How much space should you give your partner?

According to Ruiz, the duration of space can range from a few hours to several days or even weeks. However, he generally doesn’t recommend his clients to exceed a timeframe of 3 to 4 weeks. He emphasizes that the chosen time period should be affordable for both parties involved.

Does giving time in a relationship work?

Taking breaks from each other in relationships is normal and good. It can be a good idea if both people agree to it. The goal is to improve the relationship, especially if there are arguments or negativity.

What are the three most essential things in a relationship?

All healthy relationships share three important elements: Mutual appreciation, Mutual acceptance, and Mutual affection.

How much time should I give them to figure things out?

Three weeks is a good time frame because anything shorter than that is too fast, and anything longer than that becomes too long. It’s better to wait for him to contact you first. This can make things easier.

How long should I give them space?

In most cases, you may need to give them several days or even weeks of space, depending on the situation. Avoid calling or texting them more than what was agreed upon during this time. If you do, they might feel like you’re not respecting their wishes and could become more upset. It’s best to ask them what they would prefer.

How long should I give my boyfriend space after a fight?

He doesn’t usually support his customers, but it takes more than 3 to 4 weeks. He says, “Both parties need to agree on a reasonable timeframe.”